Coach Tina Barnash

Welcome! I’m excited to help you achieve your online goals. And those online goals usually require a website to make everything work. Your “Home On Online”, your website is perhaps the single most important component of what we call an “Internet Presence”. That means your site becomes the “Hub” if you will, of everything your audience, visitors and customers encounters about your business online. And creating your website and the rest of your Internet Presence doesn’t have to be so confusing, so stressful, or so expensive. You CAN set up your website, blog, Social Networks…everything, without breaking the bank, and without going nuts in the process. That’s what you will learn when you join me.

Of course, everything can’t always go smoothly. As you probably know, life just doesn’t work that way. But when you have the right information and training, things will certainly go smoother. Of course, a good mindset is a must. You have to be willing to work through, over, or around issues when they arise. And if you can achieve that, I am confident that you’ll go far.

So I started this blog to give you guidance and support in all of your endeavors; not just online, but off too. I enjoy helping others, I always have, and I always will. I believe that information should flow freely, that we should always be sharing, and growing in our personal lives as well as professionally. So you will notice some recipes for healthy smoothies and such here too. Because if you don’t feed your brain, it can’t work well for you.

I enjoy sharing with others, because when we share our knowledge, it achieves something truly special. And there’s no place like the world wide web for sharing, learning, growing. Its wonderful, its fantastic, and I love every moment of it.

That beautiful image you may be admiring above here, that’s one of my favorite places to go collect my thoughts and connect with nature. Ah, Kebler Pass. I get a lot of great ideas when I’m out trekking around this vast, beautiful landscape. It makes me feel refreshed, clears my mind, and leaves me open to new thoughts. It brings about new ideas. In fact, it’s where this blog was first conceived of, so I though it only fitting that it grace my home page here.

I wanted to create a place where you can join me for informative videos and posts, where I can share with you the things you seek to know. So be sure to take a look around here, you’ll see my most popular posts and videos to the right, along with links to my other hangouts. Especially, where you can join me for…

Digital Workshops & Video Tutorials

I have lots of help coming soon for you. I’ll be adding lots of informative videos. I’ll show you step by step how to create your WordPress website or blog, how to create a Shopify eStore, even how to integrate that Shopify eCommerce store with your WP website for your eCommerce solution (like my new graphics shop at

I’ll show you how to create or customize amazing graphics with Adobe Photoshop and video with Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I’m so excited to share with you the very steps I have used myself all these years to create and promote my own web properties, the same great stuff my personal clients have benefited from.

But I digress, I didn’t want to go on too long here. I just want to let you know what I am up to, and what I have in store for you! If you are one of my existing or past clients, welcome to my new blog; I’m glad to see you here. You may be wondering, so I am happy to say that I will have those workshops and video tutorials ready as promised!

I started out this past year by creating two eBooks to help you with your Content Marketing; Content Marketing Crash Course and Content Writing Pro Guide, along with several essential checklists you can use to quickly get on track with your Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. And I have created an awesome Branding Video Training Course to help anyone develope their Brand Strategy and create an attention grabbing logo!

That being said, don’t forget to join my blog here and bookmark the site. You can also visit me at several other places around the web. I would love to see you there as well.

Important Updates…

💎 NEW! Ultimate WP Website Workshop Going Live Soon – Click Here To Join Me! I’ll be showing you how to Create A Website that would typically cost you $1000+ to have built for you! I know, creating your website seems difficult, but I promise, it’s not. That’s why I created this workshop to show you how to make your website using WP. That’s a complete website, with a Homepage, Contact page with Contact Form, an About page, and a Blog – and I’ll show you how for FREE!

💎 Visit for lots of great information you’ll find helpful to your online business efforts; videos, posts and information I designed to help you with your entire Internet Presence.

💎 Attention: Make sure you view this VERY important post about securing your site with an SSL, because not having one is about to start hurting your website or blog more than you may know.

💎 I am also happy to announce the grand opening of Video Graphics Edge. Because graphic design is something I’ve always really enjoyed too, this is something I’ve wanted to do practically forever now. So I’m offering my unique, premium quality web graphics and video elements for your web projects in this new online store – stop by and check it out! 

I created lots of premium graphics that you can easily use to make your web and video projects stand out and look professional. This includes web backgrounds for your website and/or blog, and premium Photoshop logo and video title templates you can easily edit for a stunning brand that attracts attention!

I have just begun to put all of my knowledge and skills to work for you in a whole new way, carefully developing and creating eLearning courses to help guide you through each essential aspect of establishing your online presence. Or, updating you existing web presence; your website, blog, social media pages, etc. In this way I hope to be able to help more people who share my passion for online business. Wonderful, hard working people with the vision to see what can be, and the determination and drive to make it happen!

I’m happy to offer these quality digital workshops and video tutorials because I want to help out, and I know you’ll get so much out of them. So stay tuned here on the blog, or at for updates and information about my latest, and upcoming workshops, tutorials and posts. I’ll see you soon.