Create Quick Profitable Products For Your Local Service Business

Create Quick Profitable Products For Your Local Service Business

Service industry businesses as you probably know are not businesses that generally produce a product of any kind. By definition, these are businesses that provide a service of some kind to local or online customers and clientele; usually consisting of a one time or reoccurring service that requires labor work of some type to be done in order to create revenue.

Problems You May Run Into With Your Service Industry Business

While this business model is a good, solid, traditional method of making money, when you make your living in a way that means you must constantly be working to get paid, it can become problematic in many ways. Perhaps even impossible to continue on with.

Create Quick Profitable Products For Your Local Service BusinessLet’s say you develop back problems, diabetes, or become otherwise physically incapable of performing the service you used to easily provide. Or perhaps you decide to start a family and discover that you just can’t work the kind of hours you used to anymore, and give your family life the kind of time it needs and deserves.

And then too, these types of businesses often hit a “cap”, so to speak, encountering a maximum limit on how much money you can make. For instance, you can only perform so many computer repairs, fix so many cars, create so many floral arrangements, or make so many cappuccinos in one day. After that, you can’t make additional income unless you just want to work more hours of the day.

In these cases, people can find themselves in a seemingly cataclysmic position of either losing their income altogether, or starting over learning a new profession that they are able to perform. Or they can become depressed and disillusioned when they realize that there simply is not a way to make extra income without working overtime.

If you have run into any of these issues you certainly know the disappointment and fear I have described. A terrible situation where the business you’ve worked so hard for may start looking like it’s not going to cut it anymore. And this is a crummy situation to find yourself in to say the least.

Turn Your Services Into Products You Can Sell

Well, I have good news for you. Instead of settling for less income than you would like to have, or losing your business altogether and having to spend years getting training for another profession, you are most likely in possession of more leverage in your current business than you may think.

Turn Your Services Into Products You Can SellFirst of all, people who provide quality services for others are generally known as professionals. And if you are good at what you do, you probably have a list of clients, or at least reviews and testimonials from the people you have provided services for in the past.  This means you are an authority in your particular service industry.  You have also probably learned a lot of “tricks of the trade” over the years; methods or techniques that you used to make your work easier.

And these things are what can save you a lot of time, trouble and frustration, and potentially save your business from self-destruction, or a static income level. All you may need to do is change the way you think about your business a little bit, to discover a whole new income stream you can tap using what you already know by heart.

What I am talking about is turning all of your hard-earned knowledge into products that can be sold again and again, but created only once. A new concept, I know. Especially if you’ve been providing services your whole life.

None the less, what I am talking about here has already saved lots of people from longer work hours, or losing their business entirely. It’s a real solution to a real problem, and it only requires a small learning curve to get set up.

Using Your Existing Web Presence To Sell Your Products

You probably already know how important it is to have a Web Presence for your business, and if you are successful at your current service profession, you probably already have an effective one. But what you may not know is that you could quickly be using it to sell your very own products over the internet!

All you have to do is add an eCommerce solution to your website, and maybe your Social Media, or perhaps even find an online marketplace that fits your product, and you can sell them using the web presence you already have in place.

If you have a WordPress website with lots of traffic, install Woo Commerce, Easy Cart, or another eCommerce solution to sell your products. And if your product is the type to sell well on Social Media, you can sell your products right from your Facebook, Twitter, and even your Pinterest account using the solution for just $26/mth. (This is an affiliate link; if you use it I thank you for the cup of coffee!)

Now, another important element in this business model; did you know that to this day, the #1 top selling product online is still information? Yes, to date people spend more money online on information, how to and training products than physical products.

How To Create Your Digital Products

Here’s the beauty of this plan; all you need to do is use all the information you have about your service, the tips, tricks and techniques you’ve used to help people all these years, to create digital media products, like eBooks, tutorial documents, or training videos.

You already know the problems that your customers and clients commonly encounter, and you know the answers, so write an eBook on how to fix a problem you would normally provide a service for. Now, this won’t work for every business. But if you put some real though into it, almost every service has some information somewhere that would be valuable as a digital product.

  • If you are a plumber, write an eBook on how to properly care for a toilet, how to fix a leaky faucet, how to repair a broken pipe, or how to clean up after a broken pipe.
  • If you are an interior decorator you could write a book or create a video like “10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Odd Spaces in Your Home”, or “How to Use Colors To Effectively Brighten Your Living Room, Without Just Painting It White.” Or “How to Choose Colors That Create A Calm Atmosphere In Your Home”.
  • If you are in auto repair, you could create a training video on how to properly maintenance a car, checking fluids, tires, replacing a thermostat, or a battery, or do an advanced training video on how to replace a car door, or install a GPS device.
  • If you are a florist, of course your products are your floral arrangements, but it’s still a service. You could do beautiful training videos or create eBooks on how to make floral arrangements for specific occasions, like a DIY video on how to make your own wedding bouquet.

You get the idea. Pick something you know solves a common problem, then use your knowledge and experience in the subject to create a digital product that will help people with that problem.

You don’t have to worry that these products will decrease the service side of your business if you still intend to keep that going; this is actually a great way to expand your online reach, and gain trust and authority for your services. Don’t worry, customers and clients will still pay for your service, because not everyone wants to DYI. But by tapping that online crowd that will do things themselves, you’ll gain another income stream.

Solutions To Biggest Concerns About Creating Digital Products

So now I would like to address the biggest concerns expressed by my clients when I suggest this digital product solution. Because they are almost always intrigued enough to think it out this far.

Some are concerned about doing the actual writing for the eBooks they need to create. And I have a great solution for that problem; simply use your mobile device and record your voice describing in detail the steps that you take to perform the service or task you want to explain. Most modern devices come with an excellent quality voice record, or you can install a voice record app to do the job.

Then simply transcribe this audio file into a word document, format it, add some photos of certain steps to better demonstrate them, turn the document into a PDF, and you’ve got a digital eBook to sell. Get an eBook graphic template online, create yourself a simple eCover for your book, upload it into your eCommerce cart, or onto a marketplace, and you’re in business!

*Don’t forget Amazon; it’s a great marketplace to sell digital products with over 60% of online sales taking place there. And it’s still the largest marketplace for information products on the internet too. Plus you can sell your digital products on Kindle as well.

You can now send your following or website visitors to your point of sale and sell your digital product over the internet. And you’re still using the same knowledge and skills you’ve been using to make a living all along. You’ve just adapted it a bit so you don’t have to work so hard anymore.

Creating Digital Video Products

Now, video can be a bit more difficult, but all you really need to do is get a camera and film yourself performing the service task you want to demonstrate. In all honesty, most of the modern mobile devices are equipped with a 4K HD video camera that works great if you just get a tripod and a holder to secure the device, so that you can make it stationary. This may not create a cinema quality video, but people like the authenticity of lesser quality videos more in a lot of cases anyway.  For certain demographics, this humanizes you and makes you more relatable.  Just make sure the picture is steady, and clear, and close up enough for them to clearly see what you are demonstrating.

Be careful to fully explain what you are doing, and the steps you are taking slowly, so that your customers will be able to easily follow along. And make sure to keep it simple enough for them to understand.

For instance, that floral arrangement video will be a snap if you’ll just take a little bit more time to complete one you’re already doing for a customer, and just film yourself while doing it. Of course, for best results you should talk naturally to the camera as if your customer was there in person, and you were explaining how you are creating their arrangement for them. But if you are used to talking to your customers it’s not much of a learning curve to explain this, right?

You don’t need fancy intros for people to love your videos, all you have to do is provide quality training and instruction. But if you want a great intro and/or exit you can go online and find some nice generic ones to use. Or you can use Windows Movie Maker elements to create a nice introduction for your videos. If you want to use Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, there are all kinds of stunning, free templates you can download and use. And you can get some really amazing ones from with an annual fee.

And if you can’t use Adobe, but you still want that quality of graphics for your video intro, you can simply head over to, or hire a local Photoshop professional to quickly, easily, and affordably customize the segment with your logo, company information, and video title.

Want music for your videos? Get a subscription to; they have lots of amazing music tracks, special effects sounds, and other audio files you can use to make your videos really pop – without spending a fortune.  Or if you want a cheaper option, you can get tons of great video music tracks, and loops at ResellRightsWeekly.  (Again, this is an affiliate link; if you use it thanks again for the coffee!)

You can also make your videos into eBooks by transcribing them and using screenshots for images in your books. This way you get two digital products instead of just one. You can also just sell the audio file of the video for people who want to listen while driving their car to work, or while on their morning jog. There are lots of people who will enjoy and appreciate that you offer this flexibility.

And finally, while we are on the topic of Digital Video products, you may want to check into creating Video Training courses and becoming a Udemy instructor. This has proven to be very lucrative for many businesses, especially if you have in depth tasks you can teach people. It’s a bit more involved than creating digital products and selling them yourself, but the market place they offer is worth the learning curve in a lot of cases.

More Advertising Ability With Digital Products

You may already have a nice following, traffic, customers and clients to promote your digital products to, but when you create video you have a powerful tool for promoting both your digital products, and your existing services. Just take segments from your training or “How To” videos, or create another video for a smaller tutorial or task that you’re willing to give away for free, and upload them to YouTube.  Be sure to do your SEO work in your video listing, and include a link to your website or point of sale. This will help you attract even more visitors and customers, and get you targeted customers looking for your digital products.

Hopefully you now understand how you don’t have to just settle for performing your service for a living, and how you can create digital products that will help boost or possibly even replace your business revenue using credibility you already have, and skills you already know.  If you like this be sure to like and share this post and subscribe to my blog.  And visit the blog again for more helpful posts and articles!

20 Steps To Creating Best Selling Digital Information ProductsNow I have a real treat for you; as you may know, my goal is to help you get the training, resources and tools you need to succeed in your online efforts. I’m always working on something that will be of great benefit to you, so here’s my latest offering – For a Limited Time Only I’m going to GIVE YOU access to my All New 20 Step Guide To Creating Digital Informtion Products you can sell, or use as free gifts to get subscribers…anything you need or want! It’s available right now at my new digital downloads eStore, – Just click that text link you see for the eBook directly above to download this powerful guide today!

Create Quick Profitable Products For Your Local Service Business


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