Content Marketing Information & Best Practices

Content Marketing Information & Best Practices

Hi there! I hope you’re enjoying the New Year! I’m glad you chose to spend a minute or two to join me here for some more great information to help you with your Web Presence. So let’s not waste a moment of this wonderful New Year; let’s dive Into some Content Marketing Information & Best Practices!

Content Is the Cornerstone of Internet Marketing

The cornerstone of any marketing really. Not a new concept by far, it takes a lot of content to make internet marketing work. And this new digital marketing method is called Content Marketing.

It may sound difficult, even complicated, but Content Marketing really just boils down to one simple thing; quality content. Because lots of content does you no good if it’s the same thing all of your competitors have, if it doesn’t help your audience make an emotional connection with your business. And besides, Google has seen to it over the past year that duplicate, or copyright content won’t get searched anyway, so there is literally no point in re-writing someone else’s junky old content, or slapping some worn out PLR on your website or blog. It will literally get you nowhere, and can actually wind up getting you in trouble with the search engines.

Unique Conversational Content Is A Must

So you need lots of quality content, or as Google describes it “unique, conversational content”. And if this sounds like some really big deal, don’t worry, it’s not. Actually, Google really just did us all a big favor. You see, instead of trying to write all of that sensationalist ad copy we’ve been seeing for years, or the same old boring thing over and over again, all you really need to do now is sit down, and have a real conversation with your audience, customers and clients.

Being Real Means Real Results

When it comes to your contextual content, even video or audio content, what consumers really want to hear most is that they are listening to a real person, with real, valuable information to give them. Just like they have become banner blind, and your visual imagery needs to be more authentic, and less sales flashy, anything you have to say to your audience needs to be authentic and original too.

Authority & Trust from Your Content

Authority and trust is earned this way as well. In being real with your audience, giving them realistic, helpful answers to their questions, real solutions to their problems, you are telling them that you understand them, that you care and want to help make their lives easier or better.

Think about it this way; when your audience finds some of your content and you are answering the questions they have on their mind, they feel like you took the time to help them out, when you didn’t have to. After all, no one is there holding you accountable at that moment, are they? No. You took the time and forethought to offer great information, answer their questions, and help them out; and they appreciate that. As we all do.

Content Marketing Research

Don’t just guess. Do your research so you know your audience well so you know what common questions they are asking, what their problems are, and what they want, then give them solutions and answers in a way that only you can do. Or perhaps you just do it better than your competition. Maybe you offer a better guarantee, faster shipping, or a cheaper price. Either way, find that special element, that reason for them to choose your business over someone else.

Know your competition, the guarantees and standard policies that they offer. You don’t have to run things the same way, but this is a good way to find out what your audience, customers or clients will expect to see coming from a business in your industry or niche. And here’s a great place to “one up” your competition if you can find something lacking in their policies and do better. Either way, make sure you have easy to understand, comprehensive policies that are easy to find.

Don’t Forget Your SEO

Content Marketing SEO

While we are on the topic of research, be sure to do your keyword research too. This will give you a good idea of what keywords are popular in your niche or industry, so that you can create content that has the best chances of getting ranked in search engines. Once you have your list of 4-6 primary keywords or phrases use them for your On Page SEO for best results.

This can be used on lots of different types of content, from your website pages to blog posts, even your YouTube videos! For detailed information about this, be sure to visit the blog at Western Slope Web Design Co and carefully read this post.

Accurate Content About Your Business

By accurately informing people about your company, your policies, and your products and services, you empower them to make educated, informed decisions about whether or not what you have to offer is right for them. I know I appreciate that information when I go to check out a company I am interested in buying something from. I want to know what they stand for, how they operate, and what they are willing to do should I be dissatisfied with my experience there. Don’t you? And we’re no different from anyone else, so a good way to go about this is by asking yourself; “What would I want to know about this company if I were interested in their products or services?”

Create Content That Accurately Describes Your Products or Services

Make sure your product descriptions are accurate, and give all the details and information you can to help your customers make informed decisions. That also means quality images that depict your products clearly, from different angles if possible, with larger image views available so people can take a good, close look at what you are offering.

Content Marketing With Video

Video has become HUGE these days, and it’s only going to get bigger. Things are quite literally in motion all over the internet. Tired, static website backgrounds are being replaced by stunning video backgrounds, so you may re-think your website or blog design a bit and use some video backgrounds to modernize your site.

Make videos that show how to assemble your products, how to use them, and how to get best results from their experience with your products. And you can make videos with information about related products or services, and get creative to provide great video coverage of your topic or topics.

And the same goes with your services. Get yourself, your team, or key personnel on camera if at all possible, and have real, down to earth talks with your audience on a frequent, regular basis. This will let them know you are real, you are there, and you are serious about serving them, helping them, or providing them with what they want.

Content Marketing with Webinars

There’s no better way to gain the trust and loyalty of your online audience, customers and especially clients than having them join you live, in real time. And there’s no better way to get them detailed information either. Which is probably the biggest reason why webinars are taking the internet by storm. You can offer live demonstrations, chats, Q & A sessions, or just talk with your webinar audience in person to help make that all important emotional connection with them.

Online Reviews Are Content Marketing Too

Getting online reviews is the best way to make a powerful statement, letting your products and services speak for themselves through existing customers and clients. So make sure you are all set up to get reviews where ever you can.

Keep a close eye on your reviews, see what people are liking about your business. You can get a lot of free insight this way, so be sure to get everything out of it that you can. And if someone leaves a bad review without contacting you for help first, get ahold of that person and do your absolute best to make it right. Don’t think of bad reviews necessarily as a bad thing, think of it as a way to really shine by turning a bad experience around for that customer, and make it better – even great!

Great Customer Service Is Critical

Content Marketing Customer Service

Now all you need to do is provide awesome customer service, and you’ve got game!

  • Always answer email inquiries quickly, which is why you might want to check into an autoresponder, or email support service.
  • Always address questions or concerns directly, with decisive answers and friendly patience. Make support easy to find, and something they can rely on. Something they come to trust.

Even though you won’t update your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or other company information pages very often, these informative customer care pages are non-the-less very important content to make available online. *Privacy Policies are now required by law for all eCommerce websites or blogs, so if you collect any information from your visitors at all, you need to have this clearly displayed on your site. But it’s just a good idea to provide this anyway, so I highly recommend it regardless of your situation. Do make sure that you keep that policy up to date, and update the date at the bottom of the policy page on your site.

Now, these probably won’t search very well, but your customers and clients will appreciate them. Plus, you simply need to have this information available if you want your business to look professional, and it adds to the value of the content you provide.

Free Digital Downloads

Here is another great way to get your audience engaged with your business and brand, and it’s also one of the best ways to grow your email list. You can get this free guide I created to show you how to create your own digital downloadable products, like eBooks, Videos, Checklists, etc. Once you know how to create digital products you can give them away for free in return for the recipients’ subscription to your newsletter or email list!

Make sure your free digital gifts are worth their time by offering real value, and use this opportunity to get acquainted with your subscribers.

Landing & Sales Pages

These are standalone pages filled with content about one product or service specifically, and are intended to funnel customers to “Buy Now” and purchase. These pages allow you to target keywords to on particular product or service per page, and can be much better for search ranks than a cart page for the product, because they are a great place to add thousands of words of content and multiple subtitles.

For more information about creating Sales Pages that convert well be sure to check out this post on the Blog at

Content Marketing Constancy is Key

As with everything else online, or in business for that matter, constancy is key. Make sure you are providing new information, updates, or just letting your audience hear from you on a regular, reliable basis. Let your audience know when they can expect to hear from you next, and make sure they do. While its best to at least follow the minimum guidelines below, just make sure you are getting something new out there as often as possible.

For Consistent Content Marketing:

  • A new post to your blog 1 time a week minimum; 2-3 times per week is better.
  • A new video on YouTube at least once per week; but 4-5 is optimal.
  • Update your static website content at least every other month.
  • Email Newsletters at least monthly; once per week is better.
  • Post updates to your Social Media as often as possible. (You will probably want to automate your Twitter & FB accounts for best results.)

Okay, so that’s a lot of Content Marketing information to get you started for the year. Hopefully this has helped you get your head wrapped around this very important internet marketing method. And I hope it also helped you gain a better understanding of the where, when, and how of Content Marketing.

If you want more in-depth information you definitely want to get your copy of my Content Marketing Crash Course. I carefully created this 50+ page guide to give you comprehensive information about Content Marketing; including all the best platforms, services, best practices and other information you need to get your Content Marketing strategy on track, and make the most of your hard work and effort. The guide also has some great tips on automating your Content Marketing, like drip-feeding your content, autoresponders etc., with recommendations for affordable, yet effective services to get the job done right. And as always, I included lots of free yet effective resources and tools too!

If you are joining me for one of my Web Presence Blueprint Seminars in Colorado this spring we will certainly cover some of this throughout the day, and you’ll get this guide, along with other essential digital training and educational materials for free!

And I would love to see you at one of my Web Presence Blueprint seminars if you get a chance, so I hope to see you there.

Otherwise you can grab your copy of the Content Marketing Crash Course today at Western Slope Web Design Co here.   In fact, right now I’m offering the entire Content Marketing Crash Course Package at an extremely low, introductory price, so don’t miss out! Once I launch this eBook course on major marketplaces later on this summer the price will go up.

So, that’s enough Content Marketing talk for the today. I hope you enjoyed the Content Marketing Information & Best Practices I have for you here. I’m going to be doing lots of videos and discussing all kinds of Web Presence topics here soon, showing you lots of valuable information and instruction. So if you liked this post, be sure to check back soon!

As Always, Learn, Explore & Enjoy!


Content Marketing Information & Best Practices


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